Update: After news gone viral, Gaana has taken its website offline.Hacker said, “The parameter I was using in the exploit, has been patched by the admin .. Now the question is.. Was this the only vulnerable parameter I had .. ? “.MakMan removed the exploit on the request of Mr. Gajwani – CEO Times Internet.Mr Gajwani also said that no data was stored on the hacker’s site.

Gaana.com is one of the India’s largest online music streaming service, its database has been compromised by hackers named as MakMan and g00n.

About 10+ million user’s privacy is at risk who have used the service before and according to security researchers, there are many security vulnerabilities in the online mucic streaming service, but their support denied to patch any type of vulnerability.As a result, its database has been compromised by the hackers.

The database of the site is available at hacker’s own website.According to the hacker, he also gained access to Gaana’s admin panel.

Currently, Gaana has not commented anything about the hack.But in future they have to be serious about the security vulnerabilities reported by white-hat hackers.

A few days ago, hackers compromised the database of Adult Friend Finder which is one of the largest online dating.



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