Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to PCs without your permission

Microsoft wants everyone to use Windows 10. Even if you don’t want to use Windows 10 or you haven’t opted-in for a free upgrade, Microsoft is downloading files of its new OS which are around 3.5GB to 6GB in size. Why is Microsoft wasting bandwidth of its users?

According to The Inquirer, one of its reader noticed a large $Windows.~BT folder even though he hasn’t reserved a free copy of Windows 10. He added that the update tries to install Windows 10 every time he boots up his PCs.

Microsoft released the Windows 10 on July 29 and it is already running on more than 75 million devices and the company admitted that it was downloading unwanted files on users’ PCs.Microsoft told many times that it wants Windows 10 to be running on 1 billion devices, but downloading the files without users’ permission means invading the privacy. But when opting automatic updates you are allowing Microsoft to download and install everything they want.