Google will add ‘buy buttons’ to shop from Mobile

Google wants to make it easier for you to buy goods without leaving Google.With one click you can purchase what you are searching for.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Google will display buy buttons only on mobile devices, whenever user search for products.These buy buttons will be displayed above the normal search results and will be a part of sponsored search results within a “Shop on Google page”.

When users click on buy button, it will take users to a product page that will be hosted by Google, it will include buying options like sizes, color, and shipping time, products will be sold by original retailers.

For better service, Google will store users credit card information, so they don’t have to type it again and again.But company won’t share payment details with retailers.Some retailers have expressed concern about they will lose their identity and will be turn into a Google brand, but Google’s shopping service will let users to opt-in for retailer’s marketing programs.

Google will continue to be paid by retailers via its existing advertising model, rather than taking a cut of the sales price, unlike Amazon or eBay.